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Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd

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Screw-Lid vault

Concrete Vaults

Screw-Lid Vault (1)

A number of concrete vaults have been developed for various applications.

All are equipped with robust locking mechanisms.

1. Screw-Lid Vault

The lid screws up by using a custom made spindle (or 'opening tool'). It is then rotated 90 degrees, the tool partially retracted, and the lid can then be pushed open. Typically this vault is used for securing submersible pumps, including the corresponding electrical control panels.

2. Slide-Door Vault

The Slide-door vault consists of a base that has two rails for an L-shaped sliding door to run on. To close, the door runs beneath a roof slab supported by two fixed walls, which in turn are attached to the base. It is suitable for remote control panels, pumps, transformers, etc.

Slide-Door vault

Slide-Door Vault (2)

Borehole vault Mast vault

Mast Vault (4)

 The mast-vault consists of a tall mast (with external steel cladding) which elevates equipment such as transformers and solar panels sufficiently high, out of harms way. The box-like vault keeps the mast upright and also may be used to protect pumps, control panels, etc.

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A new and innovative product - recently launched, the 'borehole vault' offers extreme protection of the submersible pump, control panel, meter and valve/s, and is easily retrofitted to existing boreholes.

3. Borehole Vault

4. Mast Vault

The gate-motor vault is essentially a hollow cube made from concrete, as  well as steel plates. It’s internal cavity houses  the gate motor that opens and closes the sliding gate.

5. Gate-Motor Vault

We protect your sub-stations, pump houses, pump stations, control rooms, valve chambers, sewer plants, boreholes, generators, transformers, control panels, valves and cathodic equipment with concrete doors, vaults, lids and vents.

Protect and secure your structures and equipment with our extreme, high-protection products made with chisel proof Y12 rebar reinforcing and 60MPa concrete, offering extreme protection.

Gate-Motor vault

Borehole Vault (3)

Gate-Motor Vault (5)