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Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd

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Concrete Doors

1. Platform Door

5. Swing Door

6. Retro Door

This is the most popular sliding door in our range and very stable against overturning. It has a vertical concrete panel which closes off the doorway opening and an inwardly protruding horizontal 'platform', hence its name. A technical specification is available.

This door is hinged to the wall at the top and hinged to the floor at the bottom. It has a wide base to prevent toppling in case of the hinges pulling out of the wall - it is therefore failsafe.

This is a robust fabricated steel door, so called as it can be retro fitted (in minutes) to 'bunkers' and other similar structures to replace existing flimsy doors.

4. Slide Out Door

Instead of sliding parallel to the wall, as the above doors, the Slide-out door slides outwards and away from the wall. This is useful when there is no space inside.

2. L Door

The L-door is similar to the Platform door, but in this case it derives its stability against overturning from being L-shaped in plan. It has three wheels that run on rails in the floor, and is suitable for small doorways.

L Door

L Door (2)

Slide-Out Door (4)

Swing Door (5)

Double L doors

Double L Door (3)

Retro door

Retro Door (6)

Platform door

Platform Door (1)

3. Double L Door

Similar to the L door, but in this case there are two doors that touch, toe to toe. Suitable for large doorways.

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Six concrete door models are available to suit a variety of requirements.

All are equipped with robust locking mechanisms.

We protect your sub-stations, pump houses, pump stations, control rooms, valve chambers, sewer plants, boreholes, generators, transformers, control panels, valves and cathodic equipment with concrete doors, vaults, lids and vents.

Protect and secure your structures and equipment with our extreme, high-protection products made with chisel proof Y12 rebar reinforcing and 60MPa concrete, offering extreme protection.