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Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd

Ver. 043

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Concrete Doors and Vaults Brochures

Screw lids

Screw Lid

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Borehole vault

Borehole Vault

Screw-Lid vault

Screw-Lid Vault

Platform door

Platform Door

1. Screw-lid Vault

2. Screw Lid

3. Seat & Lid

4. Fortress Pump Stations

5. Borehole Vault

6. Panel Vent

7. Sliding Concrete Doors

8. Extreme Protection

9. Tall Concrete Doors

10. Vaults in the Veld

11. Installing Borehole Vaults

12. Gate Vault

13. Engineer the Problem Out

14. Sliding Lids on Valve Chambers

15. Lids that keep Valve Chambers safe