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Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd

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Focus on Products

Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd specializes in the development and manufacture of novel and relatively high-tech reinforced concrete products that offer extreme protection of vulnerable infrastructure in the water, power, and telecomms sectors. The products are mostly made from heavily reinforced high strength 50/60 MPa concrete, and include :

(a) A variety of sliding doors for securing pump stations and sub-stations

(b) A variety of vaults for securing boreholes and control panels

(c) A variety of lockable lids for securing valve chambers

(d) Ventilation panels for generator rooms

(e) High masts for elevating Eskom transformers and solar panels out of reach

(f) The above products are all secured by extremely robust patented locking mechanisms

The latest development is a hybrid concrete chamber complete with concrete sliding door as in (a), optional secure lid in the roof slab as in (c) (for the case of certain borehole pump houses) and an optional high mast as in (e) protruding out of the centre of the roof slab (for the case of elevated transformers and solar panels). The mast has an outer steel shell encasing the concrete and an internal duct for the cable coming down from the Eskom transformer / solar panels.

The company has a core team of six employees with Dr. Papenfus as director.

Brief Historical Background

Concrete Doors and Vaults (2015) grew out of the company ‘Dams for Africa (Pty) Ltd’ (2003). Dams for Africa had four areas of specialization that are described in the website www.damsforafrica.com under the headings :

(a) Water for communities

(B) High-protection products

(c) Materials investigations

(d) Abrasion resistance investigations

Over a period of time the demand for High-Protection Products (b) developed to the extent that it made sense to launch a new company in 2015, Concrete Doors and Vaults (Pty) Ltd, to focus on the development and supply of these products. At the same time the demand for the other three services steadily declined to the extent that Dams for Africa has been de-registered, although the website will still remain for a time and is relatively up to date, except for area (b) of course where development now continues in the new company. However, should a potential or previous client still require services in the areas of (a), (c), and (d), such work can be still done under the name of Concrete Doors and Vaults.

About Concrete Doors and Vaults